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FOX News
Dec 28, 2012 12:00pm PST
, we can't alienate all our union campaign supporters that just got us elected. or would we actually deal with an economy that is struggling possibly even a one-two punch with a fiscal cliff and strike. all this could return 30 days from now. >> indeed. phil, thank %ou. obesity rates in america have been growing quickly and steadily for decades. but finally a sliver of good news about the country's health. the new numbers on your children are next. [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes! >>> a potential bright spot is in the battle against childhood obesity. obese rates among young children in low income homes dipped. the rate began dropping 8 or 9 years ago and by 2010 fell below 15%. while the drop was comparatively small, researchers say it's the first study to show it may be on the decline after tripling the last 30 years. with us, doctor kerry peterson. doctor, good to see you. are yo
FOX News
Dec 31, 2012 12:00pm PST
president chavez dies who replaces him? >>guest: that is tricky. we are right in between an election back in october and a potential ininauguration on january 10. he has said he wants his vice president, a one-time bus driver, to replace him. it is not clear that would happen if he died now they have to hold an election in 30 days but it is more complicated than that. if chavez dies before the john 10 inauguration, that election is run by the head of the parliament. but if he dies after january 10, it is run by the vice president so if chavez who has run venezuela for 14 years were to diet would throw the politics into up heville but it would be an additional factor whether that happens before or after january 10. it could make a difference as who will replace chavez. >>trace: thank you. at home folks across our nation are ready to ring in the new year. in baltimore, crews are ready for the fireworks display at the famous inner harbor. in mobile, alabama, the tornado has not affected the traditional moon pie celebration with 80 pounds of chocolate covered graham cracker to be served.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2